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Fire Damage and Smoke: the Restoration Process

A fire in a home can be traumatizing and can cause serious damage. The building and many of your belongings may have been diminished by the smoke and flames but the first thing we assure you is to save your loved ones and put them aside, out of all harms.

We will find the things that were not burned by fire and make them reusable again. The things you want to reuse should be carefully cleaned at first.

Like the water damage, we also provide support and will be present on the spot, hand filing claim to your insurance. Besides that we take immediate actions in packing your undamaged belongings up and take them to a safer place, an environmentally controlled area. Well, firefighters may need to cut holes in the roof to pass the smoke out, so these cleanups take time and patience.  But you don’t need to worry. We are here for you.

Why Choose Us?

We provide you the best fire and water damage, specialists. Fire damage restoration Charlotte NC is the foundation of our business. Our trained professionals have a wide range of equipment and as well as they have extensive training in restoration management.  We have different technicians for different management.

  • Fire, flame and smoke restoration technician
  • Odor (caused by fire) control technician.
  • Damage control technician
  • Fabric cleaning technician


Why Choose Us?

The safety of your home and family is our first priority and we assure that your loved ones and your belongings are out of harm’s way. We understand how the importance of the house and make sure you get it as back as soon as possible.

We provide fast 24-hour emergency restoration services
We have the best updated technical equipment
We pride in having a team of certified professionals in our team
We analyze your situation and take care of your insurance work to reduce stress after a disaster.
We ensure everything is a success by providing the best of the resources we have.
We ensure you get your house condition in the same condition as before.