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Water Damage Clean Up In Charlotte NC

Have you recently experienced a pipe burst in your home or office? If you have then call Restro Pros for your water damage clean up in Charlotte NC today.

Water damage can be a severe problem for your home or building. In the case of emergency water restoration needs, Restro Pros are the industry leader to turn to. The first thing you should do is find the cause of a leakage. Turn of the mains and do everything possible to stop the leak and start the water damage clean up process. If you are unsure about the severity of the damage, don’t worry. Restro Pros are just one call away.  We are here to assess and access the problem and to determine what need to be done.

Our franchise professionals are highly trained and have only the latest equipment and methods. We will quickly restore your property to the previous pre-damage condition and start the water damage clean up process for your home in Charlotte NC. Our technicians do the entire clean-up process in a scientific way and monitor the drying process very carefully over weeks with constant communication.

We assure complete protection and make sure no further damage is done to your belongings. We keep the unaffected contents in a controlled environment, and once our work is completed we clean up and make sure everything is as was before the problem.


Determining if you can make an insurance claim

If you wish to file an insurance claim, we are here to help you where possible. We will on visit the site when requested and evaluate the damage severity. We will also help you file an insurance claim. Water restoration damage in Charlotte NC is the cornerstone of our franchise. Our services are available 24/7.

How our experts complete the process.


Right after the damage once you call, our representative will ask you many questions that will help our technicians and team respond to your emergency quickly. Remember, your co-operation is the most important thing that we need.
Once our support team arrives, they will carefully inspect and evaluate your property’s damage keeping records. They will use special equipment and tools to measure the moisture content of your house. After evaluating the type of water damage that has occured, they will create an effective plan of action that will lead to a successful restoration project.
It is the most crucial step, removal of the water. Our powerful pumps and vacuums are able to remove thousands of gallons of water quickly. So once the inspection is done our trained professionals start the process to prevent further damage and help to minimize mold growth. After the extraction process, we determine whether there is any moisture or water left by using the latest technologies like humidity meter, moisture meter, and thermal imaging.
Once the water has been removed, we start the drying and dehumidification process quickly. Our professionals use only special scientific methods to dry out the remaining water and moisture from your property using state of the art air movers and dehumidifiers.
We help you clean your affected belongings, such as furniture, clothing and personal items. We also sanitize all areas with antimicrobial chemicals that are safe and that help to remove harmful problems.
The last step is restoring your home to its original condition. Our technicians will help in rebuilding your home. After restoration, we inspect the site carefully and make a report.
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