Water Damage


What is the first thing I should do?

First thing that needs to be done is to stop and fix whatever has caused the water damage to your home/building. If you are not sure who to call, call us! We will assess the problem with you and determine who needs to be called to fix the problem. 

Should I file an insurance claim?

Depending on the severity of your water damage, you may want to file an insurance claim, but don't worry, thats what we are here for. We will be on site as soon as possible, assess the damage, determine if a claim is necessary, and if so, we will file it with you during that assessment. 

What do I do with my belongings?

Once we get your file claimed with insurance (if necessary) we then start the process right away. First thing we do is call to our contents team to pack up the effected area safely and it goes to our warehouse during the duration of the job. All your belongings are wrapped up, protected and stored in a temperature controlled environment to assure no damage is done to your contents. When your home/building is repaired, our team will put your house together exactly how it was prior to the damage. 

Do I have to choose the same materials and colors for my repair?

Absolutely not, its up to you! Insurance is required to restore your home to equal or better condition. If you have light wood floors and rather have dark, or if you have white walls and want tan, we can do that for you! 

How will I know the area is completely dried?

Our professionals will determine where there is water/ moisture in the structure by using the latest technology in moisture meters, humidity meters and thermal imaging. Then, we will monitor these readings throughout the duration of the job, assuring that the structures are completely dry and ready for repair.